NYS Public Authority

Dataset Overview

This dataset include listing of 350k public-authoritys information in the NYS Public Authority Registration Database, NYS Office of Court Administration, NYS Unified Court System. that is deemed public information pursuant to 22 NYCRR 118. All registered public-authoritys admitted in NYS, whether they are resident or non-resident, active or retired, or practicing law in NY or anywhere else. Each public-authority is registered with the following information: registration number, full name, type name and address, phone number, email, year admitted, law school, status, etc.

Authority Type · NYS Public Authority

Authority Type Public Authority

City · NYS Public Authority

City State Public Authority
1. 0.00%
2. 0.00%
3. 0.00%
4. 0.00%
5. 0.00%

Zip Code · NYS Public Authority

Zip Code City Public Authority
1. 0.00%
2. 0.00%